Eva’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations Eva for submitting her PhD thesis for examination today.

Eva joined us in November 2017. Her PhD focused on the application of biophysical and biochemical techniques to study protein-ligand interactions and enzyme inhibition. Eva worked on a diverse range of projects during her PhD. Of particular highlights are (1) experimentally validating the use of molecular descriptors to pre-filter virtual libraries in order to obtain better quality virtual hits, (2) identifying ligands and potential inhibitors for a rumen methanogen tRNA synthetase, and (3) compared the applicability of a range of kinetic and binding assays to study isocitrate lyase inhibitors. Eva overcame multiple obstacles during her PhD including a hard lockdown during the writing up of her thesis. Her success really showed her perseverance in science, which is an important attribute. We are currently writing up some of Eva’s work for publication so watch this space!

Well done Eva!